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MSW-What program to choose????


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Hi! First time posting. I'm finishing up a BS in psych and trying to make decision about MSW program. I've been accepted to both WashU and UPitt's MSW programs. I'm feeling really conflicted. On the one hand, Pitt is much cheaper than WashU, but I already live in MO, so I'd have to move 9 hours away from my soon to be husband and a lot of my family. I've looked at the programs and they both fit my interests (Macro focus-interested in non profit management and program administration). I feel like I'm driving myself insane with all of the variables (housing, cost, fear). I don't want to make a bad choice financially and go for WashU, but I'm worried Pitt would be too stressful for me. I've been to both areas to check them out but I feel more comfortable in STL. If anyone has any advice on this, I'd love your perspective!

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It sounds like you have your mind set on staying in MO. Everything you said was leaning away from Pitt except for the costs. 

I would just keep this one thing in mind when deciding where to go. Make sure the amount of debt you take on is affordable for the salary you live on once you graduate. No one should want to be in debt forever.

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Is it an option for you to apply to a public institution in MO to get your MA? That might lower your costs will still helping you stay where you want to be. At the same time, two years isn't a long time and you may find your professional opportunities severely limited in the future if you're unwilling or unable to move.

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