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Comparable Schools, Comparable Offers


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So, I just got my second offer and it's time to compare: Boston College vs. NYU

Degree: PhD (BC- Curriculum and Instruction; NYU- Teaching and Learning)

Focus area: Behavior disabilities programs in urban settings

Offers: $17.5k/year for three years guaranteed with 20 hour research assistantship (BC): $25k/year for three years guaranteed, no research position required (NYU)

Program level of commitment: BC interviewed me to confirm fit; NYU never conducted interview, and I have not spoken with faculty

Access to urban environments for research: Advantage NYU

Current geographic location: New Jersey (less transition to NYU)

Education Program Rankings: BC 23; NYU 20 (Source: US News and World Report Graduate School Rankings)

Any thoughts?

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My main thought is that NYC is more expensive than Boston so it probably balances out in terms of funding. The real question for me is whether three years is enough time to complete the PhD and, if not, what the funding possibilities are after the initial three year period. I think they both give you good access to urban environments for research and you'll have to do research in either place, so that's a bit of a wash for me. Have you tried speaking to the faculty at NYU? Have you talked to current students in either program? I think the information you'll get from faculty and current students will help you decide.

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