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Applicants offered with Presidential Fellowship have all been informed. I had an interview and an unofficial offer (but not invitation to visit days) about a week ago. I declined the offer because I was not interested anymore in Columbia (I've got better offers). Open House is in about one week.

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I see. Is the Presidential Fellowship the only kind of TA/RA award they can give or is it simply higher in value/top picks?

EDIT: I checked on here: http://www.cs.columbia.edu/education/phd/faqs/applying and it seems that the Presidential Fellowships are for the top picks from the pool of candidates and that there are other admits afterwards who are awarded Graduate Research Assistantships.

So, it is not technically rolling basis and I clearly wasn't in the top wave but there is still a chance for admission?

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Well I officially got my rejection notice from Columbia! I've already accepted my offer from Vanderbilt though, so I'm not hurt over it. Good luck to everyone else still waiting!

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Hi everyone,

New to gradcafe, however, still waiting on a decision from columbia CS PhD. Does anyone know why this might be? Ten days ago they responded by email as follows:

"...We apologize for the delay in decisions. The application process is ongoing, and your application is still under review. We understand that this is a very important time for our applicants, and we are doing our best to complete the application processes. We will notify you as soon as a decision is made..."

I have other options, but I would be excited about Columbia, and there are only two weeks left.

I hear that visiting day already occurred, and many decisions have already come out...can anyone confirm?

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