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I am currently a finance major at a state school. I have a decent GPA (3.37) and will most likely graduate with a 3.3. However, I have had to take many semesters of courses where I only to 12 or even 9 credits.  There are also semester where I have taken higher courseloads of up to 24 credits (these have ironically been my best semesters). I am trying to take 18 this last semester but it is proving to be difficult and I may drop to 12 credits because I feel that I am behind in 2 classes. This means I will have to take an extra semester, but I don't want to risk getting C's or even D's in these classes. I have not taken exams for the classes yet but I do not feel like I know what is going on. I had other things going on in my life that were making it hard to focus and study. Will grads schools care? Should I attempt to apply anywhere? I am interested in pursuing a Masters in Industrial Design. I was very involved on campus and held many leadership positions during my time as an undergrad. Thanks.

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