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How does funding work after acceptance?


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So, I got into Georgia Tech for masters, but they said nothing about funding and I think I may have accidentally said that I did not wish to be considered for funding. I also got into Purdue, but they said that it was unfunded and that I should reach out to professors about the possibility of an RA. Are RA's typically offered right off the back or could I reach out to professors prior to starting and try to get an RA regardless of what school I want to go to. Should I make preliminary funding a major deciding factor in choosing schools or if I can afford to pay for the first semester/year, is it possible/likely to secure funding after acceptance to the program?

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I'm in the same boat. One program I was accepted to supposedly hasn't made funding decisions yet and implied I could reach out to faculty to ask about RAs. Though I also wonder whether it is possible to actually secure or hold a spot for an RA or TA position before even committing to a program.

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