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Should I apply for MSc this fall or wait until i'm ready?


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Hi everyone!

In my point of view, asking for other opinions to make a critical decision for my own life is considered as weak and irrational, but at this point I'm totally freaked out as closing day for this fall application is approaching (if not overdue for some universities) so.... 

Here a few thing about my situation:

What I want:

* MSc program in Biomedical Sci or any relevance program, offered by a university that is within top 150 Uni, better be in Holland, or any country in EU.

* My financial is a little tight so I must have a scholarship at least cover full tuition fee to pursue the program. 

And this is what I have:

* My BSc transcript record doesn't look good (second lower degree)

* I have 1.5 years experience working as research assistants, have my own a promising projects, could have 1-2 publication(s) within a year or less, crappy salary though (but this is not relevance)

* Graduate in Dec 2012, England institute, so I dont have 

* Already have a (and one only) LOR, CV, Motivation letter, basically 90% of documents are ready to submit, all looking okay (I wrote LOR myself because my Prof boss was too lazy:D

My question is, should I apply now in hurry preparation (all documents prepared within 2 weeks), with that crappy transcript and working experience solely. Or should I wait for the next admission with better preparation, better school options, have myself some publications (seems tempting to me?)... I'm pretty sure that my problem isn't about admission, scholarship is what I'm concerning right now. 

If I choose to wait, what recommendations would you tell me to do in the next 6 months to make my profile looks better for application!? 

Thank you all in advance for inputs and recommendation. 


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