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Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) at Iowa State University


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I was admitted by Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University without funding.

The program ranks 27 out of 52 HDFS programs.

Is it a good choice to take that?

Does anyone also receive admission from that program?

I would love to know your decision.

Thank you!



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I was admitted to the program too, but decided to decline the offer. I talked to one current student there and she mentioned that she received funding from the program. The other thing about the program is that they have several fresh faculty members, which could be positive and also negative. But so far as I know, the program is one of the sponsor for the last NCFR conference, which could be a good sign of the availability of resources in the program. They also have a yearly lecture series event where they invite speakers from outside the program to talk about certain issues in the area of family and human development, which is kinda cool.

Maybe by now you've already heard more information about the funding directly from the program. Good luck with your decision :D        

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