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Not sure if I'm on the waitlist


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So I had an interview with a POI in mid January, and another in mid Feb. The program's website says that the first round of admissions usually goes out in mid-March, but I've been seeing both acceptances AND rejections on the search results on this site. One user recently reported reaching out and said that he was put on the waitlist. After my two interviews, I've had complete radio silence. 

My question is: should I reach out? I would really like to know if I've been waitlisted. I've got one admit and I really want to be able to make my decision as soon as possible; I'm getting married soon and my fiancé and I need to start making plans for our summer living. 

If I reach out, what do I say? Also, I've got a choice of who to reach out two. POI #1 is my top choice of advisor at any school and chair of admissions committee. POI #2 is (I think) the chair of the department. I was also contacted by one of the staff administrators of the program, and he told me back in January (or at least implied) that I would have heard something by now. 

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As a compromise between staying silent and bugging your POI's... why not reach out to the staff admin? He's already given you a status update in the past, so there's no harm in sending out a casual follow-up email. 

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