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Quantitative practice question - HELP!


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The reflection of (–2, 5) over the line y = –x is (–5, 2). Reflecting a point over the line y = –x reverses the coordinates and gives each the opposite sign.

I'm a little confused by this question. Are the coordinates reversed and the opposite sign given in this case because y = - x? Or is this always the case no matter how a point is reflected?

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That particular rule is specific to reflections over the line y = -x. There is a different rule for reflections over the line y = x. And there are rules for reflections over the x and y axes. These are usually rules people memorize, but a good way to check is drawing it and seeing if your reflection of the point seems to be a mirror image of that point.

...and it's quite unlikely in my opinion that the GRE will test that particular concept (reflections).

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