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Typos in submitted CV - end of the world or no big deal?


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To all,

Hello. I've submitted all of my applications at this point, ten in total.

However, I didn't notice until a while afterwards that the version I sent in of my CV on the applications had several typos in it. They were all in French, the primary foreign language I'd be using for graduate studies - French Enlightenment (I said "la côtê" twice, spelled institute with a final e like in English, and added an s to something that wasn't plural). They related to the names of places where I've worked and taken French classes in France, so that's the reason why there was French on my CV to begin with.

Everything else in my applications (writing sample, SoP, etc.) is typo-free, but in my CV I just didn't check the version I uploaded online to make sure it was error-proof. I've already contacted all of my departments to see if they'll let me send the corrected version. One has told me that there can be no changes made, but not to worry about "a" typo (I had several), but another school told me they'd scan it and upload it. I haven't heard back from the others yet.

Is having typos in a CV something that could make me look bad in my application and get it thrown out or have another's application given preference or is it no big deal at all? I don't really know what to think of it, but I'm quite worried.

Best regards,


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based on the fact that these committees will have, in some cases, hundreds of applications to read, my guess is that a minor typo (especially in a foreign language!) will go unnoticed, or at least not made significant. a lot of the application systems that take Word documents and change them to PDFs will alter the text somehow - I had some foreign letters get screwed up for that reason, so I had to change them to be... well, wrong... if I wanted the people to be able to read what I was writing!

don't sweat it.

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