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So I will be applying for PhD programs this fall/winter and I'm worried about my transcripts. 

GPA: 3.4

Stat GPA: 3.1 (mostly b's in my stat classes)

Calc 1 - C

Calc 2 - B+

currently taking Calc 3 and linear algebra

haven't taken the GRE yet


I also had two bad semesters with repeat grades which I believe are shown on my transcripts.

I guess what I'm really worried about is whether my grades in my undergrad courses will hurt my chances of acceptance. I'm applying to UC, UK, OSU, and IU. 

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You've got another problem here beyond your grades, which is that if you are currently taking Calc 3 and linear algebra you will have minimal math background when you apply in the Fall. Though your list of target schools is ambiguous (UC = U of Colorado? U of Cincinnati? UC Berkeley?), you will have trouble getting admitted to a decent PhD program in statistics if both your math background and grades are relatively weak. 

Have you considered applying to Masters programs instead, and using those to improve your prep/profile before applying to PhD programs?

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Thanks so much for responding! I'm not a typical student. I didn't become a stats major until my third year in my undergrad so I only took the required math courses to graduate on time. I got my BS last May but I know I need a better math background for a PhD so I went back for Calc 3 and Linear at a minimum. My goal is to get in a program by next fall (2017) so I'm going to most likely add a few classes this fall to my transcript. 

Also, I'm not geographically free as I just purchased a home so I'm only applying to those four schools which, other than OSU, I'm pretty sure are not ranked in top 50. 

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Do you think explaining that in my letter will help/matter at all?

Also, I'm thinking DE, time series, and real analysis for the fall. Do you have any other suggestions?

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