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I had applied to PhD but just received an email saying I've been accepted into BC's MA program with partial funding. Although I don't know whether it's something I could manage financially, I'm excited by the acceptance and wondering if there's anyone here who's done the program and would be willing to share their opinions. Is it a large program? I see that some of the MAs work as tutors and could potentially be teaching assistants their second year--how common is this? Does BC have a good history of helping MA students get into PhD programs? Answers to these questions or any other information you'd be willing to share would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much!

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I'm a current student in the Boston College MA Program and am happy to answer any questions! Feel free to PM me as well! I love the program and am very glad that I chose it.

There's about 24 students per MA cohort, so it's a fairly large program. BC is excellent about giving lots of support/attention to their Masters students, and it's a very collegial department. Most people in my cohort are either writing tutors (with the writing centre, ELL students, or student athletes) or writing fellows (where you are partnered with a specific undergraduate class to help them develop their writing over the course of the year). A good number also have other assistantships in various centres around campus. (Here are some listings, to give you an idea.)

As for teaching in the second year, you typically apply during your first semester to be either a Teaching Fellow or a Teaching Assistant. TAs are paired with lit classes, but TFs take a 3-credit course on Teaching Pedagogy & Comp Theory and get a chance to develop their own syllabus for their own Freshman Writing Class during year 2 (1 class per semester). It's a great program because they put a lot of effort into helping prepare you for teaching rather than throwing you to the wolves right off the bat, as some programs might. Payment for these positions is given in addition to your whatever your funding package is. About 75% of the cohort gets TF positions, and those who do not get one (or want one) can be considered for TA-ships.

The professors in the department are really wonderful and committed to their students. This definitely includes working with students applying to PhD programs. I'm sure the MA Director (or POIs in your field) will be able to give you more solid information about placement rates/records, but the support system definitely exists.

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