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Outlook for Careers in Ed Policy?


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Hey everyone--

Quick question- for those familiar with Ed Policy, can you tell me more about it? I'm specifically wondering what a) people tend to do with their degrees and b ) if the job outlook & pay is good. Up until recently I was sure I'd go into Student Affairs, but I've been thinking more about Ed Policy. I've been interested in law and politics for quite some time, but always felt a little more passionately about education. I guess I never really knew there was a way to combine them! Which brings me to Ed Policy. I am specifically interested in college affordability for low-income students, and how different policies affect them directly. I know that's really broad, but that's what I'm thinking as of now! I'm not really shooting for a job in academia as I know the market is rough. I see myself as doing more research work, while maybe also admin at a college....?

Also, in case people are wondering more about myself: am graduating this May with a master's degree in counseling and personnel psychology with a focus on higher education. In the 1.5 years I've done a summer research fellowship; I've been a GRA at a large Medical School doing some higher ed research; and I'm also finishing up my 700-hour practicum at a small university's career development center. 

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Sounds fascinating, although I don't know much. I would recommend asking in the Education forum as they might have better answers about policy rather than counseling/psychological services or teaching psychology in higher ed. 

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