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Journalism school - City University vs. Goldsmiths


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Hi guys, 

Just wanted to know what everyone's opinion is on journalism schools in London, England. 

I got offers from two different communication/journalism programmes (master's) - City University of London and Goldsmiths - both are good schools in terms of reputation, living environment, location, etc. 

City's known for high employment rate at major media outlets - bbc, guardian, independent, etc. However I'm from Canada and am not sure how likely I can get a job or even internship with any of the above. Their programme is very practical and skill oriented. 

On the other hand, Goldsmiths' programme is more theory-based but it is utterly interesting - it's something I always wanted to study for. However I am really not sure what I can do with a degree from their programme. 

Any advice on this tough decision? I know it is myself that have the final say on this but I still like to hear about different take on this. 


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