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Applicant in meteorology


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Hi there. I am finishing an undergraduate degree now and have applied to several meteorology programs for my graduate degree in science. I am still awaiting all the applications - no responses either way have come back yet. The schools I have applied to are Mississippi State (probably my top choice as it has both a broadcast program and a professional program, plus also has the best connection to my ideal research project), as well as Florida State and Penn State (I considered a couple more applications but couldn't meet the requirements or they lacked the focus I wanted). I am just wondering if anyone else applied to those programs and know their status? I don't think I was rejected immediately since quick rejections tend to go out much earlier (i.e. automatically ineligible, not just lack of funding or beaten out). Anyone else hear back or have past experience?

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I applied to Penn State along with a friend. My friend got an invite to an official visit just last week, but I didn't hear anything back myself. Personally didn't apply to the the other two you have listed.

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