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misdemeanors in grad school



Hey guys, I was not really sure who else to turn to with this question. Basically, my roommate was very intoxicated and I could not get her home so I pushed her home in a shopping cart. A cop saw and gave us both misdemeanors for larceny. I did not even know this was considered a big crime and I feel like a huge idiot because I am worried this is going to affect my future. I was recently accepted into a school counseling program and they do not yet know about the charge. If I do community service the charge will be dismissed and eventually taken off my record but I know they are going to see it when they do background checks for the internship. I am also worried an elementary school will not want someone with this record working at their site. If anyone has any experience with this or advice I would super grateful. Thanks!

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This seems like the kind of thing you need to consult a lawyer about.  Anything that comes up in a background check has the potential to prevent you from being chosen for certain opportunities.  Some of those opportunities may give you the chance to explain yourself and decide from there however.

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