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Ertegun 2016

Another applicant

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Hi all,

I've been nominated for an Ertegun scholarship (through Oxford's philosophy dept) and will be interviewed this week. I don't have any information about the interview, nor did I know that I would be interviewed at the time I applied for the scholarship. Is there anyone here who has already undergone the Ertegun interview process and might know what I can expect from the interview? (Different departments may do different things, but any info anyone has would be appreciated!)

Many thanks!

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At what time did you receive the nomination email? The tension is killing me! Although they've probably sent out all the nominations by now. I've been checking the Ertegun website for updates every day :)

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From the Ertegun website, on Friday: “

Ertegun Awards 2016

All successful candidates have now been notified of their awards. Thank you to all of those who applied and we look forward to welcoming the new group of Scholars to Ertegun House in October!”

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