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I am from Asia and currently in USA on F2 visa. I have BSc (Speciality Chemistry) four year degree  with a GPA of 3.2. I was graduated in 2008. I have no research experience after I graduated but worked as a school teacher for 5 years. I would like to do further studies in chemistry. However, I am worried as I have a low GPA. Is it possible to strengthen my application with a high score of GRE Chemistry test? Can I show some  more knowledge I acquire through online chemistry courses at coursera? Any more suggestions...


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Certainly, GRE Subject scores & taking online courses in chemistry can strengthen your profile. In addition, highlight your teaching experience, the topics that you taught, the lab work that you supervised and any innovation you introduced in your teaching. Also, while drafting your essays highlight that you are in touch with the latest researches & development in the field. All this will certainly make a strong case in your favor.

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