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  1. It is good that you have started working towards your goals. I suggest that you check the entry requirements of colleges you aim to get into & know the prerequisites. Also, communicate with the professors & find out what you can do to align your profile with their requirements
  2. I understand that finances is major criteria in taking a final call. I understand that Minnesota is an equally promising option and the difference is only of location with its attached advantages for internships, jobs, professional networking and so on. If you can manage the finances and it is not exceeding your upper limit for finances go ahead and choose an option which gives you location advantage as well. Otherwise, go for Minnesota & work hard & rest assured everything will turn out fine as the university has good resources.
  3. I suggest that the best would be to talk to the alumni and if possible with the current students enrolled in the program. They would possibly give an unbiased feedback.
  4. Hi, to prove your maths skills, try to get a 165+ in GRE General Test & also take GRE Subject Test in Maths. Further, many schools offer courses in maths which you can take along with your graduate program.
  5. Hi, keeping in view you career goal, I agree with your decision that certainly The New School's MS Media management is more aligned with your goal & the kind of exposure you are looking for. Additionally, you may connect up with a few of its alumni to understand the job opportunities better. Good Luck!!
  6. Hi, Industrial engg is a diverse field which pulls engg graduates from various disciplines but majorly mechanical. You need to back up your choice with strong reasons.
  7. Hi, the ENTS program has a large component of business as against the ITP program which is more technical in nature. So go through the modules & also connect up with alumni for better insight
  8. Well, it is not clear whether you have a problem with the program as it is MA or your query is regarding admission criteria. Assuming that it is regarding both; foremost don’t worry even if it is an MA but since you want to progress into research, make sure it has enough research modules & a thesis at the end. The best will be to connect up with the faculty or program director & discuss your career goal so that the person can guide you on whether the program is suited to your needs or not. As far as admission is concerned, remember all colleges take a holistic view of the applica
  9. Certainly, GRE Subject scores & taking online courses in chemistry can strengthen your profile. In addition, highlight your teaching experience, the topics that you taught, the lab work that you supervised and any innovation you introduced in your teaching. Also, while drafting your essays highlight that you are in touch with the latest researches & development in the field. All this will certainly make a strong case in your favor.
  10. Well, as you might be aware most masters program require a min GPA of 3.0 so you are eligible to apply. In order to strengthen your profile, you can take up internships, projects or work for an year or two before joining your masters. Moreover, each application is reviewed holistically, taking factors such as personal and professional experience and accomplishments into consideration. So when applying highlight your experience at the autism center & other such aspects. Also, score high on your GRE to support your GPA. I am sure you will build a strong application. Good Luck!!
  11. Hi, first & foremost, reapply only when you have some new information/achievement to strengthen your profile. So assess your current application, identify the areas you can improve/add upon & then decode the best course of action.
  12. Hi , I don’t find much reason for why you should be stressed. However, I do understand the admissions have become really competitive in US especially with most schools focus shifting to academic score rather than GRE. But I guess for your program you have a decent profile & competitive too. Good Luck!!
  13. CLEP scores are taken differently by different schools. You need to research on whether, the grad school you wish to apply to considers the scores or not and also what they are worth. For further details you can go through https://clep.collegeboard.org/
  14. Hi, taking GRE again depends on number of factors. First & foremost the application cycle that you wish to apply for & the deadline for the same. Secondly, keep in mind your own motivation & the time that you have for preparation keeping in view your other commitments. Also, focus on Quant for sure but do not neglect Verbal as you would not want the verbal to go down & again make your total score low. So assess your situation & your program requirements & then block a date for retest accordingly.
  15. hi, well for admission to Phd courses what really matters is a strong research background and good GRE score. So you haven’t lost it all. If your undergrad scores are on the lower side, make sure you compensate with a good GRE score. Also, highlight your research projects & publications, of course, in relevant field. Further, communicate with professors under whom you want to take up research & discuss your research proposal with them. All this will certainly make your profile strong. Good Luck!
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