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  1. So I had this school in mind for a couple years until finally applying for this Fall. After doing my research on the school and their programs I was very impressed and they were always available when I had questions. I applied for the Masters for Fall 2016 and was accepted faster than I expected. So now I'm digging a bit deeper into the school's rep and I am finding things that raise great concern. It's disheartening to learn the school you were considering has a bad reputation. Just wondering if anyone else has any feedback in regards to the school (LA campus). Also, is APA accreditation some
  2. I joined the rejection squad on Monday.
  3. Maybe I missed the memo but is it ethically wrong or discouraged to accept an offer from a school if you are not 100% sure you will attend? I received an acceptance really early and had to give an answer in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I still have not received responses from the 3 other schools I applied to. What is expected? And how are you supposed to withdraw your acceptance if you go with another school?
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