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  1. Let me know how you it works out for you. Good luck!
  2. Yes, the person I spoke with told me to email Laurie Paul. She said it was highly unlikely I would be accepted (I was third on the wait list for one spot) and that she wouldn't know for definite until after 5. So, I just made a decision. I am delighted.
  3. It's all over for me: FSU here I come!
  4. At least you are no longer waiting! I am going to call UNC.
  5. Yes, sitting here email open—landline and cell next to me .... arrggh
  6. I am soooooo stressed. I have been accepted by FSU and I am on the wait list at UNC. FSU wants to know by 4pm and UNC still hasn't been in touch. If UNC admits me, how am I supposed to decide in this amount of time??
  7. Hi all, just an updated. I emailed LA Paul and I am on the wait list at UNC.
  8. I am on the wait list at UNC-Chapel Hill and Florida State. If you are inclined to decline an offer / wait list, please do so! Good luck with decisions!
  9. One can only hope--I think I'll phone on Monday and ask for an update. I have heard nothing.
  10. Has anyone else not heard from UNC?
  11. Has anyone else not heard from UNC-CH?
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