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Hey guys!

I just got admissions from KCL's MA program in Terrorism, Security, and Society. The program is offered by the Department of War Studies, which I figured to be KCL's "flagship" department.

Although I have some results coming up soon, I wanted to know how KCL and its War Studies department are received by international organizations.

Terrorism is one of my primary research interests and I liked the fact that KCL offers a specialized program for counter-terrorism issues. As masters in the UK are only for a year, I thought the narrower the scope of the course, the better. 

On the other hand, what puts me off is KCL's international reputation and its alumni network within the IO community. This could be because I'm not from UK and I went to a university in the U.S., but I feel like KCL's reputation is not as great as other London-based schools such as UCL and LSE. 

Also, as my final career goal is to work for international organizations in the field of counter-terrorism, I wanted to know whether KCL has a solid alumni network within the IO community. 


If you guys have anything to share about this program or KCL's alumni network, please share with me! Thank you! 


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Hey Kay_p, working for international organisations in the field of security is my exact interest too. So even i am equally interested to know how KCL fares as far as it's department of war is concerned. Moreover, if you don't mind, which are the other such programs that you are considering ?

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