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Does anyone know anything about Boston University's Pardee school of International Affairs? I talked to a representative from at a graduate school fair a week ago and was impressed with the program despite it not being a "name brand" school. I hope to go to grad school in IR, specifically studying conflict resolution in the Middle East, but my sup bar CC gpa drags my current four year 3.7 gpa down to about a 3.1 and I am looking for alternative school choices if I can't get into my top choices (Elliot, SAIS, SIS, Gtown SFS, Fletcher, Maxwell.), I am wondering if Pardee could be a reasonable alternative. Can anyone that goes there, went there or someone familiar with their program give me insight?

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Hi Nico! Pardee was one of my choices for my graduate studies. I was interested in their International Relations and Environmental Policy program. I visited the campus last July, met with their graduate admissions officer and the head of the IREP program. I was also given a tour of the campus by a current student in that program. I absolutely loved the city, the university, and the vibe. Yes, Pardee may be a new and up and coming international affairs school but I was extremely impressed and it was high on my list. I didn't move forward with my application because I got into my top choice on early decision, but I do recommend you apply and see where it takes you!

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