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  1. I didn't get in either, congratulations to all of you out there who were accepted!
  2. Haha yeah, I'm sitting at work trying to be productive... it's a futile effort.
  3. Hey, so I actually applied to the MA IR-Religion track at BU. It's language/ policy focused along with studying Islam. Still waiting on MTS, a little stressed but trying to keep it together at work haha. Good luck!
  4. How are you guys doing out there? I'm sure we're all feeling the stress right now. Good luck and all the best!
  5. Hi Nico, Hope you added Pardee to your list! I was just accepted and it seems like a wonderful program for Middle Eastern studies! Best!!
  6. Hi there! I'm waiting as well! It seems like you have great stats! Good luck!!
  7. Hi! So I was just admitted to BU and waiting to hear from HDS... what program did you apply to? I have until April 15th for BU, maybe there is wiggle room.
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