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I have been working on my statement for a while......I have been hearing about a lot of things about what to focus and what to write. How much of the statement should be on research agenda? Is it ok to talk about your undergrad and grad coursework?

Below is the breakdown of my ps' format. Mine has six paragraphs.

- Introduction about who I am

- My Undegrad life - what did I study? what did I do? senior thesis

- My Grad life - what did I study? What I learned? research assistant experience and independent research project

- Proposed research agenda

- Why school x? FIT

- Conclusion

Is sth wrong with this format?

Please share how you are doing with your statement. Any input would be much appreciated.

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I am a current grad who was pretty successful with applications last year.

I think you have all of the right parts, but perhaps in the wrong order. I would recommend starting with your research agenda, and then talk about yourself, your undergrad and grad studies in the context of your research agenda. What about yourself/ your studies led you to this research agenda. How has pasting schooling prepared you for this research? WHy is this school a great place for you to do this research (and with which professors).

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