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Funding Timeline Question


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I'm applying for Master's only in EE and have gotten accepted to Columbia and Princeton so far. But the letters they sent me mentioned nothing about any funding. Does that mean they are still considering it and will notify me before the April deadline or does that mean I'm pretty much screwed? I really hope its the former cause there's no way I can afford to pay 50k to go to either school...

Also, should I have submitted a FAFSA already? I was under the impression that grad programs didn't pay much attention to that when awarding funding.

Thanks alot!

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I think you should certainly ask them. It certainly won't hurt to ask them about funding ("Oh, he asked for funding, then let's not give him, ha, ha, ha"). It will either help, or at worst you will then know where you stand. Maybe tell them how much you'd love to attend their programs have no way of paying, and ask them to consider you for financial aid.

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