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WWS, HKS admission


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How WWS or HKS selects applicant? Is it true that they only admit people with extensive and decent international/ UN work experience?

I'm a senior in college right now. I wonder if they will consider undergraduate applicant, if I have a clear and specific career goal in the personal statement.

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You should apply. Don't let your age stop you. Be aware, however, that you are near the bottom of the totem pole -- if you are like most college seniors and have had a couple of summer internships while in undergrad, you certainly won't stack up against those who are even just a couple of years older than you but have been working for a few years. I can speak to HKS -- I have plenty of friends there, none of whom have interned or worked for the UN or international orgs. Some have done consulting, others have worked for their home country governments, others have done academic research and still others have worked in the nonprofit world. The range of experiences is quite wide.

Someone else can speak to WWS better than I can, but from my understanding Woody Woo students have an overall higher median age, which generally translates to more work experience.

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