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Intellectual History/Phil. Phd application, chances?


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Hi all,

I understand that interdisciplinary programs like intellectual history often get short shrift compared to more "traditionally" defined disciplines, and that low admissions rates tend to reflect this status -- I wonder, nonetheless, what you all think my general prospects are for a top-20 program with an emphasis in modern euro. intellectual history are and whether you have any advice in overcoming the interdisciplinary stigma?

Relevant stats: My undergrad was done at a top-20 public university, BAs in Math and History minor: Classical studies, cum undergrad gpa 3.8, GRE 740V/800Q/6.0A, MA in Math, MS in History/Philosophy done at a low-tier school, though my graduate gpa in both programs is a 4.0, strong lor's, fairly extensive teaching/lecturing experience.


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Just out of curiosity have you considered the Cambridge MPhil Intellectual History and Political Thought? It's a very good programme and lots of people at Cambridge are into intellectual history.

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