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Is it okay to ask two people from where I work to write me a LOR?


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I do volunteer work at a pregnancy center doing peer counseling. I ask the new director today if she would write me a LOR, and she said yes. She has a Masters in Counseling and assured me she would write me a good LOR even though she is new to the place and I have been there for 6 months. I was wondering if I should ask the old director to write me a LOR. She knows me so much better but is no longer with the organization. She is currently working on her Masters. Would it look bad if I had two people from my volunteer place to write me LORs? If you think it is alright, what should I tell the lady that used to be the director to put as her title since she is not longer director? Maybe "Former Supervisor?" I have one professor who is going to write me a LOR but I have kind of run out of people to ask. Thank you so much!

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Having two people from where you volunteer isn't a problem in itself. Usually letter writers need to be able to speak to your academic potential. Given that you're applying to a more practical programme, you need letter writers who can speak to your talent/potential in that area. Your supervisors, past and present, at the place you volunteer would be a good option. Not being with the organisation any longer is not a problem at all.

However, the priblem I see is that the former director is still studying for the qualification you're applying to. She can't say that you are likely to succeed in the programme, because she herself hasn't attained that level yet.

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