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MS/MA ED in Higher Education Admin/Student Affairs


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Okay, here is the deal with me:

Started this wild idea of wanting to be an academic advisor and would love to go to grad school and gain experience and the beginning of a career.

My GPA isn't great, taking the GRE in the next few weeks, have three letters of recommendation lined up, and working on my various SOPs.

I want to get into a decent school but since I know I have no shot at an amazing school, I am aiming for great, solid programs in places that I would like to live. The programs I am looking at need to have assistantships/internships, varied class topics, mid-level out-of-state tuition (at most) and be relatively affordable to live in the area.

My two top choices are University of WI-La Crosse and Buffalo State University. Random? I live near Portland State University but their program does not excite me.

Any sort of advisement about getting a degree in Higher Education Administration, College Personnel, and/or Student Affairs? I am the only one I know who is doing the "grad school' thing and as of right now I am unemployed and trying to narrow down possibilities so that I can apply and not waste other peoples' time or my money. I also know realistically the earliest deadlines I can do is Feb 1st, which has taken a few schools out of the running for me.

GREATLY appreciate any advice or website to refer me to. I have already looked up the NASPA and NACADA for resources as well.

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Here are some websites I found helpful in researching different programs (in addition to Google searches):


http://www.cacrep.org/directory/directory.cfm (includes counseling progs as well as student affairs)

http://studentaffairs.com/web/ (also has helpful info like student affairs professional profiles, etc)

Another site with some basic info, particulary if you are also considering a counseling degree as a possible alternative to a higher ed or student affairs master's degree:


For doing research on jobs/reading job postings:



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