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I finished all my applications four weeks ago, and--prior to that--I was using any anxiety or stress to polish up my statement of purpose/research schools/etc. Now they're done, and I'm stuck waiting--I usually don't stress until there's nothing more I can do, so the wait is killing me.

Anybody in the same boat?

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I'm trying to channel that anxiety into writing 2 manuscripts, reading articles by profs I'm interested in working with, reading about cost of living at schools I applied to, figuring out whether I should buy a house, and doing anything else that offers the illusion of control while *other things* are completely out of my hands.

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Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. I finished everything before the end of October. I see that other people are getting acceptances, and my programs do not have rolling admissions. February cannot come soon enough. I'm scheduling vacations and school visits to pass the time. Still not helping... :blink:

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