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Engineering, MBA and Economics?


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I've done my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (India's best technological university) and now completing a post graduate program in management (terminal masters) from Indian Institute of Management (best management institute in India). I have decent, but not exceptional grades in both. GRE is Q:800, V:710, A:4.5

I had math courses in engineering, specifically Calculus, Vectors, Matrices, Probability & Complex Analysis. Plus I've done 2 basic economics courses in undergrad, and now 5 courses in economics including microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, complimentary products and game theory.

I would like to know if such a different background as mine (electrical engineering undergrad plus management post grad) would be an advantage or a drawback for PhD in Economics from a good school (say top 25)? My less than exceptional grades in a very non-conventional educational route has me confused about my possibilities. But I'm very keen on it and am confident I could cope with anything.

So, Queries:

  1. Do I have a shot at a top-20 PhD economics program?
  2. Is it worth going lower down the rankings (50+) for a PhD or should I try to improve my profile with a year or two of economics research/work experience?
  3. I am in Sweden on student exchange currently and love the life in Europe. How does a European PhD in Economics compare with a US one? Say a 50-ranked US program compared to a top 15 ranked European program.

I'm new at this so would really appreciate any accurate advice. Thanks!

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Stockhom School o Economics is in the tope tier schools in the World. Your profile says u have brilliant chances o being in top 20s. Al dat matters is wat u wana do next..after PhD! dat would better describe if u shud go for top 10 or top 30-40.

Get some courses in Mutli Vbl calc., topology...! Concentrate on Recomendation letters!

My school was top 3 in Econ. in UK, and my prof. said:

U wana do Phd and b accepted everywhere BUT USA, do it from here. U wana b ACCEPTED globally..USA!

Best o luk.

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