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Need help with PhD Preliminary Exam (MEMS/NEMS/Nano)

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I'm studying for the preliminary exam. I came back from US Army training so I won't get another chance if I fail this upcoming exam. 

I heard they ask weird questions which I'm having trouble preparing for. Right now, I am reviewing all the lecture notes. 

Does anybody have previous exam questions they can share so I can practice? 

What kinds of questions did you get? 

thanks in advance. 

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Don't you think it would help if you gave us such information as what school and program this is in reference to, and perhaps which particular course, if relevant? Otherwise how could we possibly help? Given the very specific nature of your request, have you tried emailing more advanced students in your program to ask about their experience, help with questions, etc? There is a much greater chance of success if you simply email the people who are in a position to help you than if you post on an anonymous board that caters to all fields, degrees, etc and hope that someone from your program just happen to read your question. I also wouldn't be at all surprised if people would be willing to share such information in a private exchange but would not be as willing to post about it publicly. 

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My area is MEMS/NEMS and nanoscience (within mechanical engineering) 

I asked people but our school does not have old exam (the link to old exam is broken and nobody is fixing it)

They told me that the questions threw them off. That it requires thinking... I didn't really get much helpf

Hence, I'm trying to gather as much variety of questions within nanoscience. 

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