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Cultural Studies PhD

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This might go better in Lit, but I thought I would try here too.

I'm looking into Cultural Studies PhD programs in the fall and trying to get a better sense of what's out there. I know it's a relatively small field, but I'm wondering what people have heard about the programs that are out there and what might be the best fit for me. I recently got my MA in English and WGS, and wrote a thesis on Virginia Woolf and the public sphere. However, while I was in the program (I actually started out in the English phd program) I realized that I wasn't a great fit for a traditional literature degree. My current research involves looking at how counter-publics challenge and interact with the larger public sphere (specifically around the issues of race and gender. I'm happy to say more, but I'm wondering what programs people think might be good to look at.

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UC San Diego's program is excellent. One of my favorite professors attended (graduated in 2012, so quite recent feedback):  http://literature.ucsd.edu/grad/phd-admissions/sections/culturalstudies.html

ETA: she teaches literature courses and literary theory within the context of race and gender.

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