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Taking Quantitative Courses to prepare for a Phd Research.

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Hi everyone!

I am currently a MA student at UChicago. As i am thinking about applying for PhD in political science, ( possible international relations thesis with a survey/ quantitative component; Furthermore some US political science admission committees look for quantitative background). I am wondering what quantitative course i should take to strengthen my quantitative credential (i only did microeconomics and macroeconomics in college).

*last but not least, because numbers of my elective courses are limited. I am considering taking online for credit course offered by UC Berkeley extension during the summer (e.g. http://extension.berkeley.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=6614430); I wonder if online courses would be considered legitimate substitute for in-person course on transcript (by members of the admission committee)? Moreover, how do online courses compare with alternatives, such as math camp/ quantitative training session organized by universities/ research institutes?

Many Thanks!



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Differential and Linear Algebra and Statistics are probably the best places to start.

Take them either as part of your MA or as additional electives at UChicago (you can always take classes when you are a student at a university, but they might not count towards your degree).

No one on admission committees really cares what online or distance courses you took, you want them on your transcript. 

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