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Visiting in the Fall

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Hi there,

I am from the UK and I would like to apply to some cinema and media PhD programs in the USA, to start Fall 2017. I am planning to visit the USA in October for a conference and to visit some friends and I also thought I could visit the institutions I would like to apply to. My question is that given that this will be October, the applications would already be open (and I would have started putting together the materials), so would this visit seem a little late to the Faculty there? I obviously want to make a good impression as well as gaining a better understanding of the institution and its surroundings so I am just wondering how the timing of this visit might be perceived by the Faculty. I hope that makes sense.


Many thanks for any insight you can give.

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I wouldn't think it is too late. Especially if you are already in contact with a POI in the spring/early summer.  I visited my uni in August, but only because I wanted to go before the semester started back up again. 

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