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Summer '16


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I worked all of May and June (I graduated from undergrad in April), took the past two weeks easy, will be going on vacation next week (Nashville! Woohoo!), and I just was notified yesterday that I have summer prep to do for my teaching practicum in August (I have to read a book, read my department's teaching manuals, and write a response paper by the first day of class).

The summer prep isn't a big deal, but I just wish I had more notice because I've literally been doing nothing but playing Pokemon Go since it came out and I could have been reading the damn book :P

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I personally had a kind of disappointing senior spring, which left me kind of burnt out.  I decided to turn down my summer research offers, and instead, have been going to the beach, working out, swimming, weekly trivia nights, and LOTS of Settlers of Catan.  I've also been tutoring a bit for pocket money, and packing for the big move to grad school.  I've also been rereading all of my undergraduate chemistry textbooks and recopying my notes to prepare for proficiency exams, but most of my summer has been fun and relaxing.  I definitely needed it, but I'm ready to start using my brain again and am finally looking forward to grad school! :) 

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I've started working over a month at my new university on a few projects. These projects are more on the astrophysics side (I have a background in geology), so learning Python has been fun. I've also started prepping everything to begin my experiments for my thesis when the fall semester starts.

It was overwhelming to skip the summer break and move immediately after my acceptance, but I am starting to see it was a good move.

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