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When did you register for the psych GRE?


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For those of you who've written the psych GRE in September or October, when did you register? I saw from others years that registration for the subject tests opened on July 1st, but I haven't been able to sign up yet. I'm sure it'll open soon, but I'm a bit paranoid. 

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It's not like there is a rush to sign up for these tests. Seats don't usually fill...sometimes people walk in literally the day of the test and register (particularly for October tests if they are unhappy with September scores). That being said, I sat for the test in October and registered in early or mid September. Signing up for this is a very minor part of your application process (most schools don't even care about this test), so it is not worth stressing over. This process is stressful enough without sweating the small stuff! 

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If you haven't already I would recommend doing so regardless of availability of spacing the day of the test. I waited a week, and missed out on the test centre closest to me and had to drive 2 hours to the next one. Of course, that might depend on location! 

Better safe than sorry! Good luck :) 

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