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Did you improve your GRE the 2nd time?


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I took my GRE last week and got a 149-Q and 157-V.

I went through the entire ETS GRE book, and scored consistently around a 312 on the power prep tests. I struggle with test anxiety, and knew I was moderately underprepared for math, but did not expect to perform as low as I did. I am scheduling to retake it in 2 months and really need a 320 for my target school! My GPA is a 3.98, and I have extensive research experience so this test is the only thing getting in the way of my dream school.


If you have improved your GRE the second time taking it, can you post your scores from the 1st and 2nd time, and the amount of time/method you used to improve?

I need motivation by hearing from people who have made this possible!  

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