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HELP! Harvard Applicants - Did you get a confirmation email?


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Did anyone else who applied to Harvard not get a confirmation email yet? I received an email from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences that said my application was successfully submitted and to look for a confirmation email in the next few days that confirms my application is received... But I have yet to hear back (I submitted my application on the 15th so it's been about 8 days now...)

Anyone else having the same issues?

I just realized this today..and it's too late to call now since their office is closed till Jan 4th... I'm starting to panic a little now, so hopefully someone has some advice!

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I never even thought about it until I just saw your post, and I just checked my email and I also never received a confirmation email -- and I submitted my application on Nov. 21! But I'm really not that worried. I emailed them, so we'll see what they say on January 4th or 5th.

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I actually got an email the same day -

As you said they sent an email saying that my application was successfully submitted, and then another right after, titled "Confirmation of Receipt of the Harvard Application"

is that it, or shud we be expecting another email ?

If that is it, the mail did not come from Harvard but by a certain Christine Sumner.. so maybe it got into your spam mail folder?

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