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Got rejected! Do I need to retake?


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My profile is as follows :

Undergraduate major : Chemical Engineering (from a reputed public university in India)

GPA : 3.96/4 (Gold Medalist)

GRE : 317(V -150, Q - 167 , AWA - 4)

TOEFL - 105

work experience - 4 years in national Oil and Gas company of India. 

applied at  TEXAS A&M, UT AUSTIN and Penn State for Fall 2016. But, got rejected by all universities.


do I need to retake GRE? What all other universities can I apply ?

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I would call the universities and talk to someone about your application, ideally in the departments to which you were applying. Say something like,

"My application wasn't accepted but I'd like to learn from the experience to improve it for the future. Can you give me some honest feedback regarding my application and what I can improve to make it more competitive?"

I've had students get some great feedback this way.

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