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I know for a fact it is impossible to say whether or not a person will get in but its a motivation to know you have a chance. I am applying to Phd Programs this fall for the Fall 2017 school year. I will be applying to both Clinical and Developmental Psychology Programs. Hold on, before I get bombarded with questions as to why. I am interested in Forensic Psychology but not many schools offer this as a Concentration and if they do they are not funded (palo alto, etc.). I don't require Full funding but atleast 75% Funding. Therefore, I will be applying by professors and research interest. Some of the professors we share common interest are in developmental and others in Clinical. Schools I'm applying to are Drexel, Fairleigh Dickinson, Temple U, Fordham, Uconn, St. Johns, UMichigan. 

Research Interest- Adolescent Development, At- Risk Population, Identity processes, Juvenile Delinquents 

Undergrad GPA- 3.5 

MA GPA- 3.6

GRE- Will be taking them in October

Research- 3+ Years in two labs. 4 Posters Presentations (2 first Author), 2 Oral presentation (1 of them was author), MA thesis, (No Pubs) 

Great letters of recommendation from Lab professors, and work.

I am applying to specific POIS.


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