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I am curious about what other programs are out there that are similar to the Fordham IPED program. Right now it is my top choice and if I end with with a scholarship I will end up going there, but I'm trying to narrow down some other options. I am very interested in international development, but I like this program because it has more economics heavy concentrations, which I feel would give me some more concrete skills and potentially broaden my job opportunities.  Similar programs that I have looked at seem to not be as econ-centric, for example the GFTEI program at the University of Denver. I am also considering the MIA at Columbia and the IDE program at Yale, although there seems to be very few funding options. The IDEC program at the University of San Francisco seems interesting, but I'm not so sure about the reputation of the school. Does anyone have any insight into similar programs or any of those that I have mentioned that may help me decide where to apply?

A little about my background:

-Current Peace Corps Volunteer (closing service this December)

-Graduated from Binghamton University in 2012 with BA Environmental Studies concentration in Environmental Economics, 3.67gpa (all my major classes are A- or better)

-GRE: 159 quant, 164 verbal, 4.5 writing (retaking next week to try and improve my quant score)


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