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I'm interested in applying to online graduate programs in sociology. Do anyone happen to know which universities provide a distance education option? So far, I only found three universities that provide an online option. I am finding a few institutions that don't look reliable and don't seem to be accredited.

I am aware the ASA website has a book for sale that includes all of the sociology graduate programs. I'm not sure if it provides details on distance education programs or not, but don't really want to purchase it at this time. I'm having a hard time finding schools within a google search. I don't have a specific university I'm looking for, just trying to find several schools with a distance education option that I can look into.

Let me know everyone. Thanks!


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I realize this is an old post, but I have been on a similar quest so wanted to reply! The only online Master's in Sociology programs I've found are through Arizona State University and New Mexico State University. Both are non-thesis programs. ASU does give you the option of writing a paper for your capstone thought. The University of Alabama-Birmingham also has an online Master's in Applied Sociology. From what I've been able to find, there are slim pickings for online/distance degrees in Sociology. 

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