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Springfield, OH


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Anyone got any info on Springfield area? Wife is in the Air Force and we are getting assigned to Dayton next summer. I'm applying to grad school at Ohio State. The wife said she would happily split the commute. Only thing I see between Columbus and Dayton is Springfield. 

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Long time lurker, made an account just for this post!!


I moved to Springfield from SoCal for a bit 8 years ago. It was so depressing I returned home after 6 months. 

Maybe it has changed, but when I was there it was no-growth, slumped economy, stagnant town. For example, I worked retail at the Springfield Mall (upper valley mall), and quite a few of the storefronts were closed. I think the store I worked at is now gone. On the other hand, that mall had a GREAT calzone place near the entrance run by a guy who sold adult toys out of the trunk of his car.

I strongly recommend a more urban area, Anything but Springfield..!

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