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How should you work your Statement of Purpose if you are re-applying to a school you were previously waitlisted/rejected from?

I was waitlisted at a school last year and asked about re-applying. Should I mention my previous application? Send in my previous SoP? Pretend it is a new application?

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I did not mention it at all, why would you mention it? Just talk about the things you did from the time you got waitlisted till your reapplication.

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I didn't mention it at all in my SOP for any of the 3 schools I reapplied to. That being said, two of the schools asked in the application if I had ever applied to the program in the past--and I didn't lie. I also thought alot about what it was that made my application stronger than the previous, so I was able to answer the "Why should we let you in now?" prompt.

Good luck!

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