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Is this a good email? Haven't seen prof in years


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Hi All,

I'm planning to send my LOR requests soon, but I'm struggling over the email. I've gotten input from so many people, but I feel like there's still something missing from this email. I'm hoping that you all will be able to help. The draft email is below, personal information redacted... Please let me know what you think!


Hi Professor Awesome,

I hope you are doing well!

It’s been too long since we last spoke! I believe it was when you helped me get my current job at X by acting as a reference. I’ve been at X for three years now and have learned a lot there. Thank you again for your help with that application and all the other letters of recommendation that you’ve written for me over the years. You have been instrumental in my success, and I greatly appreciate your support!

I was hoping that I might be able to impose upon you once again for a letter of recommendation. I am applying for eight masters’ programs in international relations for the Fall 2017 term, along with the X and X Fellowships—most of the applications are due in early-to-mid-January.

I would be very grateful if you could write a letter of recommendation for my applications. On another note, if you’re available the weekend of Month, day, I will be in Collegetown, and would love to buy you coffee and catch up if you have a free half-hour.

Thank you again for your help and for considering this request.

All the best,

First Name

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