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Uhm, the new GRE isn't going to be less challenging. It is just going to be a better indicator of graduate school success. If anything, the fact that they are changing it to better suit the needs of admissions committees means that it will potentially be a more influential component of your application and that poor performance on the exam will be even more damaging to your application. So no more excuses for doing badly. That isn't a good thing for bad test-takers.

Thank you for being a voice of reason. Remember people that the GRE is used to compare two applicants. Percentile matters more than raw score. Also, they are certainly changing the GRE in order to better serve admissions, not test-takers.

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Can't some school just take pity on us and just accept us? They could simply look at it as community service :)

I sure hope that they do community service then (any of my final four)...

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