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Help required in getting admission in a U.S university

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I am living in Dubai, UAE and graduated in computer science from here recently. Now I wants to get admission in a U.S university. The problem is I got a good job here just after my graduation that I do not want to quit for my studies. Recently my friend came up with this idea of getting admission in a U.S based online university, where I can study through online lectures over internet. My question is, does degree from an online universities have same value and worth as of physically getting a degree from U.S university.

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Regarding online universities: What are your post-degree goals? Usually, if you want to pursue additional education, e.g. graduate school, an online degree isn't worth very much. If the degree will help you get a certain qualification for a job you currently have, then it could be a good idea if the university is properly accredited.

Looking at the school you linked, I do not think PCU is properly accredited. There are many schools in the world that are designed to take money from students and not provide anything of value. I'm not saying that PCU is one of these schools, but in general, you want to make sure any school, online or not, is actually accredited with a recognized entity!

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If you are in Dubai, you might want to check some US university branches in the Gulf. I have been to Education City in Doha and saw branches of universities from the US and the UK there. I don't know if there is anything like this in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi.

What is not clear to me is why would you need to pursue a graduate degree if you already have a good job? It seems, from how you framed your concern, that you prioritize your career over further education (which is fine, of course) so I wonder why would you want to study anything in the first place. Does it make sense? If it is a reason not compelling enough for you to quit what you are doing right now, it is worth wait a little bit, right?

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