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Statistics M.S. Profile Evaluation

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Thank you for your time!

Undergrad Institution: Large state school (not well known for math)
Major: Math
GPA: 3.78 (overall), lower math due to B’s in Linear Algebra and Statistical Methods

Type of Student: Domestic Male Pacific Islander

Courses/ Background:

Quantitative Courses:

Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A-), Calc 3 (A), Discrete Math (A), Linear Algebra (B), Statistical Methods I (B-),

Computer Science I (B+), Real Analysis I (currently taking, will probably get a B or B-),


GRE: Will take over the winter, but based off of practice tests I can hopefully get a 165+ and if not, am willing to retake

Research Experience: NSF REU for Statistics
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's List
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: N/A

Letters of Recommendation:

-REU advisor

-Math professor that I’ve only met this semester, but attending office hours regularly and taking their probability course next semester as well

-Don’t know yet, but will try to build a relationship with another professor next semester

Thinking of applying to (Fall 2018):

Stats: UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego
Biostats: UCLA


Worries: B- and B in Statistical Methods and Linear Algebra, respectively. Also I’m not doing too well in my Real Analysis class, but I will put in the time for the rest of the semester and hopefully get a B or B-. Also my letters of recommendation might not be the strongest, as I’m still trying to find one more professor (I’m applying for Fall 2018, so hopefully that’s enough time).

Location is a huge priority for me, so I’m only applying to schools in California. Also just want to work in industry and is the reason why I am only applying to master’s. I would gladly accept admission to a well-known school that didn’t provide funding over a lower ranked school that did provide funding, but I don’t know if my “resume” is strong enough? Could I possibly apply for programs such as Stanford and Berkeley masters? Or would I just be laughed at?



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